Best hard drive for computer

communication-1472636_960_720If you need a new hard drive for your computer, then it is likely that you are going to be baffled by the huge array of options out there. Don’t worry, we are too! That is why we have put together this guide. On here, we want to help you choose the right hard drive for your computer.

Solid state hard drive or not?

Solid state hard drives are (fairly) new. The way in which these hard drives work ensure that they are incredibly fast. In fact, with a solid state hard drive, it is not uncommon for a computer to be fully booted up in seconds. The problem with a solid state hard drive is that they are nowhere near as cheap as their mechanical counterparts. Yes, prices have fallen sharply in recent years, but they are still going to be erring on the expensive side of things, particularly when it comes to the larger hard drives.

Internal or External?

If you wish to be able to transport your data easily, then you will want to go down the route of an external hard drive. However, it is important to note that external hard drives are nowhere near as fast as internal ones. This means that they really are only going to be for storing basic data. For example, Word documents and video files. You would not be able to run an operating system or games from there because they just will not work fast enough.

Size of the Hard Drive

This is very much going to be down to personal preference. In most cases, the larger the better. This is especially true if you play a lot of games or download a lot of larger files. However, there is no sense spending huge sums of cash on something large if you are never going to use that amount of space. For example, if you just use your computer to browse the internet, you probably are not going to need a lot of space at your disposal. You will never use all of it.

Speed of the drive

Again, the faster, the better here. Make sure you look at data transfer rates. Obviously, there is no point spending huge sums of cash on a fast hard drive if you are just browsing the internet. However, if you are playing games and the like, you will notice a significant boost in performance on a faster piece of kit.


As with any product, you should always read through as many reviews as possible before you decide to purchase a hard drive. There are plenty of cheap hard drives on the market, but it is not recommended that you purchase one. They tend to be slow and they tend to be unreliable. The last thing you want is to lose all your data randomly because you decided to save money on your hard drive! A good quality hard drive will give you many, many years of happy use.