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Your world without windows

digiP.team presents freeware pack "Your world without windows" (this software created using new innovative platform - Java FX) and new programs created using HTML5. You can check our software here:



Photo Editing Tools

digiP Viewer Screenshot

digiP Viewer

The program "digiP Viewer" is designed for quick viewing and editing image files. Easy menu system allows you to organize work in simple and effective way. Supports 19 file formats when opening files and 8 formats when saving. Ability to work with scanners and other sources of images and with screen capture. The program has advanced features for color correction and geometric transformations of the images. In the Tool click to enlarge kit includes a variety of filters, noise removal, adding text boxes, red-eye removal. Simple and easy way to organize printing of images.

[digiP Viewer Page]

Quick Fix

"Quick Fix" is a lightweight program for quick correction of images. New and handy user interface allows to easily working with program even for not experienced user. Various types of correction filters and effects immediately previewed on the image, right after loading.

[Quick Fix Page]

Photo Progressor Light Screenshot

Photo Progressor Light

Easy to use software "Photo Progressor Light" made for photography-enthusiasts. Handy and easy-to-understand interface, unique panel for interactive hints "Magic Help", set of useful instruments for photo editing allows editing photographs even for those users who are not very good with computer technologies. You also can easily scan images from scanner or capture your screen. Easy printing module allows to quickly print out photos. Images could be saved in PDF if needed.

[Photo Progressor Light Page]

Organizers Tools

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Photo User Screenshot

Photo User

When speed and comfort matters! Sometimes after photographing you get many different photos. To sort them by folders and apply simple correction, isn't easy task. You guess names for photos, make folders, move photos, apply photo correction... And what was so enthusiastic, became boring... Photos being saved to folders with random names. Later it is impossible to found needed photo. That's when "penknife" for photo manipulation comes into play! Program "Photo User" made for photo managing, fast access to the images and for quick photo manipulation. This soft allows you to do all these functions quickly with very big amount of photos. "Photo User" saves your time and brings the joy of photographing.

[Photo User Page]

Photo User Pro Screenshot

Photo User Pro

Work with photos: easy and fast! Photo User Pro - new version of Photo User software, with new, more comfortable interface and additional image processing features. Photo User Pro includes all main functions of original Photo User. Easy approach of tools usage is main feature of the Pro version. Now, after polishing work on your favorite photos, you will be able to view them in amazing slideshow with beautiful transition effects and favorite music which you will choose. This version do not require registrations, you just buy and download your software.

[Photo User Pro Page]

Illustration Tools

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SlideShow Prime Screenshot

SlideShow Prime

Even more easier and handier! Holidays, journeys, favorite flowers - share your impressions reflected in photography with friends. "SlideShowPrime 2" - new version of PC Software that bring life and emotions to your slideshows. Drop your favorite photos, add music soundtrack, mix these with animated effects, pack result to single executable, and share your bright emotions with your relatives and friends!

[SlideShow Prime Page]

Screen Capture Tools

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Screen Eye Screenshot

Screen Eye

Capture videos and images from screen! "Screen Eye" software is made for video and screenshot capturing, it grabs video from certain screen area into video file, and allows you to capture screenshots, copy them to clipboard or automatically save them in *.bmp or *.jpg files. You can make screenshots (and save them to file or clipboard) during video capturing. All video tutorials on our website were created using Screen Eye.

[Screen Eye Page]


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Images Converter Prime Screenshot

Images Converter Prime

Convert images from one format to another? It's easy! Convert bunch of multiple images changing their attributes on the fly, with free program "Images Converter Prime".

[Images Converter Prime Page]


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Magic Photo Print Screenshot

Magic Photo Print

Using "Magic Photo Print" you can easily create memorable photo album, collage or postcard. Put several pictures on the page, add text and print it out!

[Magic Photo Print Page]

Security & Encryption

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digiP Cipher Image Screenshot

digiP Cipher Image

Hide your valuable information from unauthorized access. "digiP Cipher Image" designed to encrypt images, hide text (steganography) and pictures inside of the image. Built-in help wizards introduce user on how to use the software. Volume (size) of hidden text or image depends on the size of the original image and can reach 1.5 Mb or more. When encrypting image using an arbitrary 128-bit key. The program has a built-in keywords generator. 18 formats supported for opening, and 5 file formats for saving images. The program is compatible with all versions of Windows.

[digiP Cipher Image Page]

Cipher Image Free Screenshot

Cipher Image Free

Easy free software for encoding images. Use this easy free software for encoding images and hiding valuable textual info into the image (steganographie). Several encrypted images together with hidden text could be saved into one file.

[Cipher Image Free Page]


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digiP Notebook Screenshot

digiP Notebook

True notebook of digital photographer! "digiP Notebook" - handy and easy software for sorting, storing and viewing of subjected images and photos. Software allow you to view and edit Exif, Exif GPS, IPTC, user notes, image signature. You can store album into executable file for viewing and printing images on any Windows computer without installing any additional software.

[digiP Notebook Page]

Files Wrapper Screenshot

Files Wrapper

Package multiple images into one file to share with your friends? Use freeware program "Files Wrapper". It allows you to pack many pictures into one file for easy sharing, and unpack them in any time.

[Files Wrapper Page]

Find Images

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digiP Image Finder Screenshot

digiP Image Finder

Fast search of the images according to various criteria! The program "digiP Image Finder" is designed for quick search of the image files and their duplicates on your computer. The search is conducted among 12 different file formats. As the search criteria are used: search by name, by extension, by date, by file size, by sample image. Also duplicate images for specific picture (without the use of file attributes) can be found, as well as by name, creation date and file size. When you search for duplicate image files, software will group similar files in blocks with consecutive numbering.

[digiP Image Finder Page]

Find Duplicate Image(s) Screenshot

Find Duplicate Image(s)

Search of similar images - it's really simple! Freeware program "Find Duplicate Images" allows you to find similar images on your home computer. Similar picture content is what program will search, not touching file name, date and other attributes. Surely this process will take some time to complete :).

[Find Duplicate Image(s) Page]


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digiP Copyright Assistant Screenshot

digiP Copyright Assistant

Simple editing of JPEG tags. The program "digiP Copyright Assistant" designed for viewing and editing of EXIF and IPTC tags in JPEG image files. It is fairly easy to add watermarks to the image.

[digiP Copyright Assistant Page]

digiP Color Box Screenshot

digiP Color Box

Easy and free to use program "digiP Color Box" made for computer graphics enthusiasts, web - designers, digital artists and photographers.

[digiP Color Box Page]

digiP Reflection Screenshot

digiP Reflection

Easy tool for creating picture reflection effect. Transparency and water-distortion can be adjusted. Freeware.


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15 gPuzzle Go! Screenshot

15 gPuzzle Go!

Like solving puzzles? Check this out ... Free game "15 gPuzzle Go!"" allows you to play simple tag-game made from any picture. There is no combinations that cannot solve! Choose built-in picture (from 5 available), by clicking on the picture, or load your own image from the file. Click "New Game" and play to win!

[15 gPuzzle Go! Page]